Our Process: Strong communication and transparency

We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients. We believe in strong communication and transparency to ensure that our customers’ dreams become a reality.

Our initial customer meetings are meant to understand the scope of work desired and communicate the construction process to the customer and how it affects their lives. We want to bear the entire burden of the work so that our customers are seamlessly unaffected.

We believe in complete transparency when we present the owner our budget for construction costs.

This is vital, so the client can decide whether the project fits within their budget and desired scope of work. We do not show the customer a lump sum budget number. Instead, we review the construction costs on a per-line itemized basis. This allows the owner to see how their money is being spent and what value they are receiving.

We strive to be a partner through the decision process and let our customers know exactly what each portion of work costs, so they can make informed decisions regarding the scope of work. Ultimately, giving the owner the best information to make the decisions of whether to proceed, reduce costs or eliminate work.

Our transparency transcends through the construction process to make sure the owner is always updated. This helps avoids surprises, ensures the process is seamless and that all customers can go about their lives without worry. We guide the owner through finish selections, scheduling and billing, always available to provide any help when needed along the way.

As our customer, you can expect to receive communication from us regarding the following:

Construction scheduling – there are always variables which can affect timeframes

Homeowner selections – understanding owner provided items and when these are needed – these are typically budgeted on an allowance basis, so our customers know roughly what price points to expect when making selections

Progress updates – Regular site visits and walk-throughs until project completion so the Owner can track progress and feels comfortable

Billing – Consistent billing broken down by cost category, tracking the costs as they come in compared to budget

It’s not just a project, it’s YOUR home.

Ultimately, we strive to ensure a great process and outcome, so much that our customers couldn’t imagine using any other contractor. We aren’t happy unless our customer is, and we strive to build lifelong relationships.

Many of our customers have done additional projects to their homes with us. We hope to build this type of relationship with everyone who comes into our offices.


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